What Pitfalls Can I Avoid on My Local Business Site?

If you want your local business to rank well on the search engines we have some tips that may help get better use from your site.

1) Don’t focus only on what you sell. Yes, the site is there to drive your business, but build additional content that makes your site interesting or that differentiates your product or service from other local businesses that offer the same or similar product.

2) Build lots of pages. The more content you have on your sites (and the more interesting it is) the more attractive it will be to the search engines. Offer advice, tips, recipes, how-tos or whatever might enhance the primary content beyond the basic product information.

3) Don’t assume people know what they want. Provide information that builds a persuasive argument for why what you have to offer is the best.

4) Don’t forget to optimize well for your location(s). This does not mean that you should keyword stuff the site or your titles, but make sure your site present itself as part of a community or communities. Clarify local ties and promote local interests as well.

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