What Not To Post On Your Business’s Social Media Profile

There are so many ways you can enhance your social media profile to attract the audience you want and to direct traffic to your website. However, there are plenty of things you shouldn’t be doing on your business’s social media accounts that can truly harm your business. Whether you’re just developing your social media presence or you’re looking for ways to maintain your audience, take a look at these vital tips below to prevent a major digital faux pas.

Personal Drama or Issues

The very last thing your audience wants to hear about is your horrible experience with your in-laws over the Christmas holiday. Your business accounts are not the place to air out your drama and dirty laundry. Feel free to vent away on your personal (preferably private) social media accounts, but always refrain from doing so on your business platforms. If potential customers witness you badmouthing other businesses, colleagues, friends, or family, they may feel like your customer service skills are poor and will be wary of interacting with you. Even if you receive comments from your audience that are less than respectful, do not take the bait. Encourage them to contact you via DM or refer them to your support team so you can provide the best experience possible.

Content With Spelling Mistakes or Poor Grammar

Social media posts that are ridden with poor grammar and spelling mistakes automatically appear as unprofessional. If you are publishing content that doesn’t seem to be checked at all, your audience will not trust you enough to invest in your product or service. When creating your posts, take the time to read them through. You can even run them through software like Grammarly to be extra safe. It can be helpful to perform a weekly audit of your socials as well, editing or deleting any posts that may sound unclear or have mistakes present.

Too Much Content At Once

When a business is posting multiple times throughout the day to Instagram or Facebook, it can feel a bit too promotional and spammy. In truth, your audience does not want to see their timelines saturated with advertorial posts beckoning them to your site to make a purchase or invest in a service. Your goal is to build a relationship with your audience, and to do so, you must respect their digital boundaries. Consider posting to your timeline about two to four times per week. For platforms like Instagram, you can post to your story a bit more frequently, but refrain from doing so excessively each day.

Posting Content Without Proper Credit

To maintain legitimacy and respect amongst your audience and peers, you should never post content from other creators without permission or giving them visible credit in the post. Even doing this once can give you a bad reputation, and it can definitely have a negative impact on your business. To cover your bases, reach out to creators beforehand and ask if it is okay to post their content to your page.

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