What New Google My Business Updates Mean For SEO

In a new update, Google has added a discount feature to Google My Business listings. Google is also in the process of adding a “local favorites” feature that will highlight the top five percent of listings in any given category in any given location. In the past the majority of GMB listing management was in responding to reviews, updating info, and making posts. With these new features, there are new SEO opportunities for business listings. For SEO agencies that manage Google My Business listings for their clients, this brings up new possibilities including new conversions to report on.

How To Set Up Welcome Offers

Because this feature is still brand new it will likely be tweaked in the future. Currently, the way the new welcome offer feature works is that users are rewarded for following a GMB listing with a special promotion code. In the current setup, they will not be able to see the offer prior to following the business. All the user will see is the option to follow and that there is an offer attached. This will probably change though. Because the follow option is also new, we can expect that users who follow a listing will be given notifications about information changes (hours, services) and will also be more likely to see posts.

How Welcome Offers Affect SEO

Welcome offers provide another opportunity to track conversions for SEO clients. The main benefit to welcome offers is that they are very customizable. As long as a client has an offer it will be able to be added. We can expect that this will be trackable in GMB listing analytics. Currently, the following feature is not live yet across GMB. For the last few years, there has been a trend that more conversions come directly from search engine listings instead of from just the website. With the new promotion feature, it is likely that listings that have it setup will see more phone calls, website visits, and requests for directions due to repeat visits from following customers.

What Is The New “Local Favorite” Feature

Google has not said much about the new local favorite feature they are working on for GMB. So far we know that it will highlight the top five percent of businesses in a category. Google is quoted saying that businesses will be recognized with “badges of honor”. Although we do not have specifics this will mean that businesses and representatives should work to make sure that their Google My Business listing is verified, has images, logos, and that information is completely filled. Regular posting may also affect these “badges of honor” distinction.

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