Increasing The CTR Of Your Search Listing

Those who practice search engine optimization know that achieving high search rankings are only part of the battle. This is because of the fact that simply ranking highly does not guarantee that your website will receive large amounts of targeted traffic. Although, it does help to raise the chances, the only way to make sure that users who are viewing your search listing click through to your website is by completing a few simple but easy to overlook SEO tasks.

Page Titles

The first and most obvious search engine optimization task that individuals should be practicing is adding a catchy page title. The page title is what is often displayed as large blue text in search listings and give users a general idea of what will be found within the content on the page. Using keywords you hope to target for as well as locations within your page meta titles will help to make sure that traffic is not only drawn to your search listing but that they also click through.

Meta Descriptions

In addition to making sure that your page titles are fully optimized with catchy but relevant keywords, it is important to optimize your pages meta descriptions. These meta descriptions work in a similar way to the page titles although they are about two and a half times as long which allows you to use this area to provide users with a more in-depth idea of what sort of content will be found on the web page. Just like how you did with the page’s meta title, making sure to include any target keywords and location within the pages meta description will help to ensure that this traffic is encouraged to click through as opposed to simply being an impression.

URL Structure

The last but certainly not least thing you should be focusing on when addressing your search listing is your URL’s site structure. Not only is your website’s URL structure a ranking factor for Google and other similar search engines, but it can also turn away prospective traffic. Large strings of random characters are not uncommon within URLs that have not been optimized which is why your URL will stand out to users on search engines if it is properly structured and contains target keywords and locations.

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