What Makes an Effective Email Marketing Campaign?

With all of the new social media platforms and channels of media that have come about in the decade, many people may look at email marketing as old-school. Though that is what people are thinking, it is not the reality. Email marketing remains an extremely effective way of reaching potential prospects and generating new leads. You are targeting those who have already opted-in to receive your content, meaning they are already interested in what you have to offer. Email marketing is also a great way to keep in touch with your existing clientele and make them feel special from time to time with a customized message just for them.

Yes, email marketing is an essential tool for marketers that can generate a ton of leads, but it needs to be done right. Read along to learn what goes into an effective email marketing campaign.

Strong Subject Line

In order for an email campaign to be effective, recipients need to open it first! That is why the subject line is so crucial to its success. Because the subject line is the first thing you see, it needs to be eye-catching enough for the recipient to want to read more. It is important that the subject line is relevant to the content that is in your email campaign, but it should also be customized to your recipients. Subject lines are also a prime spot to add a sense of urgency by using phrases such as “Sale Today Only” so it catches their attention enough to feel as if they do not open it right then and there, they will be missing out!


When you are compiling your list of email recipients, do your best to get all the information you can about each person. Things such as their interests, age, and location. Emails that include something that is just for them make them way more likely to open and read through. Even emails that simply include someone’s first name have a much higher click-through rate. Personalize every part of your email campaign as much as possible to see the best results!


To dive even deeper into personalization, instead of having one giant email list, try to make smaller ones comprised of recipients are similar in some way. For example, if you are a school supplies store that sells to teachers, you may want to segment your list into groups by grade. A high school teacher would not buy the same supplies as a first-grade teacher and vice versa.

Boston Web Marketing

There is a ton of thought, time, and effort that needs to be put into your email campaigns. If you are looking for further assistance to optimize your email marketing campaigns, Boston Web Marketing has a team of experts ready to help! Do not hesitate to contact our team if you have any remaining questions on how to see the most success out of your next email marketing campaigns.

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