What Makes a Service Area Page Successful?

Service area pages are used to increase more site traffic by expanding where you are being found outside of the location of your business. The following are a few tips to writing a service area page.

Page Titles & Meta Descriptions

When creating titles & descriptions, you want to include keywords and/or services that relate to your business and the location. You have 60 characters for your title and 160 characters for your description so you should use them to your advantage.


As you write your service area page, you want to make sure you are writing about the specific city you’re targeting, but also incorporating keywords you want to be found for. You can talk about the different parts of town and how the business relates. Make the content original!

Internal Linking

Make sure that when you are using keywords or services, you are linking them to their specific landing pages

Contact Form

For each service area page, make sure you have a contact form available. This is convenient to the user because if they have any questions or comments, the form is right there and they don’t have to go searching for it.

Call to Action

Setting up a call to action button or text is another good way for people to contact you. Instead of searching for an email address, they can click a call to action ’email now’ text and be ready to email.






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