What Makes A Great Landing Page?

Inexperienced marketers may send all traffic from your social media posts and advertisements to your homepage on the website. This is not the most optimal way to ensure that the traffic converts into leads. A landing page is the first page that your potential customers see after clicking through an advertisement or organic post.

 It is usually the difference between a sale and a bounce (a person who leaves a page without viewing another page). Whether it’s getting someone to sign up for an ebook, buying a subscription, or even leaving their contact information, landing pages in 2021 are becoming increasingly important to gain conversions. Let’s talk about what makes an effective landing page. 

Clear & Concise 

Your landing page should be simple, sleek, and pleasant to the eye. Your landing page should not have cluttered copy, too many distracting photos, or hard to read fonts. This will lead to your potential customer feeling overwhelmed by the content on the page and will likely lead to a bounce. Landing pages have one goal; to convert. Choose sleek colors that represent your branding and apply them in a visually appealing way across your page. Your CTA button (call to action) should be a contrasting color from the landing page’s primary color. The colors should match your brand and also what the emotion you’re trying to invoke is. 

Engaging Content

Your content on the page is vital. Ensure that every sentence you have on the page serves a purpose, whether it be moving the reader down the funnel by persuading them to convert or giving them information that is essential to understanding your product or service. 

Have a headline that sparks interest. Hire a copywriter if you are not a wordsmith. The words on the page are the catalyst to converting. If the copy and content are not engaging, the consumer will leave quickly. Also, make sure that there are very few exit points. It should not be easy for the user to leave your page other than clicking out of the tab. 

A/B Test

Try out various landing pages and see which ones convert at the highest rates. Analyze your data and look for things that stand out among the highly converting landing pages. Use the best-performing ones as templates for your actual landing page. Without A/B testing, you don’t know just how great your landing pages can be. Measurable marketing is becoming more and more critical, and it’s time to implement that in your own practices. 

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Keep in mind that your call to action should always be above the fold. This means that the user should be able to convert from your landing page without ever scrolling. There is no one size fits all for your landing page. It depends on the product or service, your brand’s voice, the conversion you are hoping to get, and most importantly…The user! Great landing pages are not made overnight. They take a lot of work and testing. Boston Web Marketing can help bring your website to the next level with landing pages that convert your most challenging to reach customers. Contact Boston Web Marketing today to get started creating effective landing pages.

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