What Kind of Instagram Posts Boost Engagement?

If your Instagram engagement is down, you’ve come to the right place. An analysis of 80 million Instagram posts found the best type of post when it comes to engagement. When it comes to social media, engagement includes likes, comments, and shares of your posts. 

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What Types of Posts Receive the Best Engagement?

An analysis of over 80 million posts found that carousel posts have the highest average engagement rate compared to video or image posts. Image posts have a slightly higher than average engagement rate compared to video content (not including Reels). 

While general engagement rates have dropped since 2020, carousel posts have consistently maintained the highest average. 

Why has engagement for feed posts dropped? Instagram Reels.

With major competition from TikTok, Instagram has put Reels front and center. Now is the perfect time to begin experimenting with the type of content you post. If you prioritize Reels and consider storytelling or user-generated content, your engagement and followers will surely go up. 

Why are Carousel Posts Important?

There are a handful of reasons why carousel posts are the best consistently for engagement. The first reason is time spent on a post. It takes more time to scroll through multiple images, which helps boost your post on Instagram’s algorithm.

The second reason is carousel posts will recycle in a user’s feed two or three additional times, creating more opportunities for likes, comments, and shares. 

Carousel posts also allow for brands to be more authentic and personable, which is typically more engaging (i.e., photo dump trends, user-generated content, and behind-the-scenes posts). 

Should I Be Posting Video Content?

It’s no secret that video content has taken the front seat when it comes to social media. Instagram Reels are the key to a successful strategy when it comes to increasing your followers and KPIs. That being said, it’s critical to incorporate static posts and carousels for the ultimate strategy.

Be sure to experiment with your content and focus on your community, and your engagement will go up.

Improve your Engagement with Boston Web Marketing

Boston Web Marketing has the knowledge and expertise to improve any social media strategy. If you are looking for an improvement or are not sure how to get started, call our team today for more information.

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