What is UX Experience and Do We Need It?

User experience is how a person feels when they interact with your product, website or application. Their emotional connection is essential so you need to consider how easy it is for them to use your product or navigate your website. Consider which parts of your product or site will cause your audience to get frustrated and if there is a workaround.


How Important is UX to SEO?

Simply put, very important. Google does not only generate the best results to users queries by the best answer but also by the best experience. For example, if you type in “What is SEO?” Google wants to make sure you have the answer that you are looking for without any issues. So even if you answered the questions thoroughly, but your website is running slow or is unsafe, Google will not acknowledge your post as the best answer.

How Does Google Know?

Google has many different methods of understanding user experience to your site such as site speed, if it’s mobile friendly, the way you structured your content, and if you have both internal and external links. Another exciting method Google likes to use is user signals. This creates behavioral patterns for Google to see and understand how users are interacting with your websites such as bounce rate (which can differ) and time spent on a page.

Where to Start?

If you want to improve your UX on your site, then there are questions you need to consider:

  • How does your homepage make you feel?
  • Do the design and buttons support the goal you are trying to reach?
  • Is your content well-structured and easy to navigate?
  • Does your mobile site work accordingly?

It may be challenging to nitpick what is wrong or right with your website, so have a friend evaluate your website. Another efficient way is creating a questionnaire on your site; this will help build an understanding of what your users want to see. It’s essential to start now and create a positive experience on your site as this can contribute to your rankings!

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