What Is Topical Authority?

When you first start planning out your SEO strategy, writing content should come to you naturally and easily. After a while, though, it may be tricky to find ways to keep your work fresh. You want to still accomplish the same goals while you’re writing: getting more traffic to your website while answering the most asked industry questions. How can you continue to do that while also revitalizing your content in new ways? The answer lies in a concept known as topical authority. What is topical authority, and how can it help your content? We break it down for you below!

What Does Topical Authority Mean?

Topical authority is a lesser known practice in SEO, which is surprising given how effective it can be when put into practice! In simple terms, topical authority is the idea that if you show a lot of proven expertise and knowledge of your industry, your authority will be strong and your audience will look to you for the most relevant information. The term might sound like domain authority, but domain authority is more of a technical measure versus topical authority being a measure of information.

Why Is It Important?

Think about the main reasons why users come to your website. You’re able to be found on search results, offer services that the general public is in need of, and you tailor your website’s experience to benefit the users that flock to it. Topical authority is vital for the last of these key points. Tailoring a website to a greater user experience means having the tools necessary to answer their most burning questions. The more of a resource that you can be to your audience, the better their user experience will be and the more likely it is that you’ll get conversions out of it.

How Do I Incorporate It Into Content?

The goal of your content should be the same when trying to improve your topical authority: to answer questions that the average reader wouldn’t know about. To incorporate this into your content, you must demonstrate your knowledge of the topic! This can be through things like past experiences, reliable resources, and finding that “diamond in the rough” fact that is both interesting to the reader and informative. The more informative and confident you can be in your content, the higher your topical authority will rise.

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