What is the Value of a “Like”?

You probably get just as excited as your mother does when you get a certain number of likes on a Facebook post or on your profile.  This is because every like signifies increased popularity with users engaging with your profile.

Brands go through extensive measures in the effort to establish brand identity and increase the number of likes on their Facebook profile and posts.  From posting articles, photos, videos, and live streaming, brands go the extra mile to get more “likes” to maintain a likable social media presence.

But what is the value of a Facebook like?  The more likes you have on social media, the more credible you seem to users in comparison to your competitors.  The more engagement (likes, follows, shares, and comments) you have on your profile, the better you look against the competition.

Here are a few things to consider while trying to get more users to like and follow you on Facebook:

What are consumers looking at? 

When users go to your social media profile, they’re looking at your number of followers, your posts’ engagement, and your reviews.  Think like the consumer and post content not only based off what you want them to see, but also off what consumers should see and would be beneficial to them.

Is your content likable?

By checking the statics of your Facebook posts, you’ll be able to better understand the type of content your followers are interested in, and what to post more of.  Make sure your post topics are relevant to your brand, times of year, and what consumers are engaging with the most.

Does your content influence decisions? 

Does your content insinuate an incentive to visit or like your profile?  If you’re offering a sale, discount, or special for products, you might notice an increase in your following or the number of users you’re reaching rather than when your product was listed at a regular price.

Are you engaging with your followers? 

By being active on Facebook, you’ll be able to influence more users rather than the occasional and sporadic Facebook post.  Facebook marketing can be effected when your brand’s social media page is reaching a desirable audience with consistent posting, and staying engaged with users.  Don’t just stick to posting flashy content to catch the user’s attention, but also engage by liking and responding to their comments.


With your brand putting in the effort to establish meaningful goals, you’ll be able to better understand the value of your brand’s social media relationships with your customers.

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