What is the new Google Inbox app?

Have you ever looked at your Gmail inbox and felt completely daunted with the task of deciding which emails are important, which are non-important or a complete waste of space? Luckily for you, Google’s newest creation, Inbox, is trying to make this task more efficient for users to manage.

What does Inbox do?

  • Bundles similar email together (lets you specify which types of emails you want to automatically populate within a category)
  • Allows users to ‘pin’ important messages to the top of their inbox (helps users prioritize emails to keep the most important ones visible and move the less important ones out of sight)
  • Set reminders (what to answer right away, what can wait, etc.)
  • Inbox tries to pick out the most important information from emails (addresses, phone numbers, tracking numbers and more) and puts and advertises them so you don’t necessarily have to open the message.

Currently Inbox is an ‘invite-only’ application that is accessible on iOS, Android and in the Google Chrome browser, but you have to get on a waiting list before you can download it. How elite.

All in all, Google is just trying to make our lives more organized one email at a time! Thanks Google!

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