What is the Most Effective Way to Track Conversions?

So, your website is finally getting more traffic at a steady rate, but you’re not quite sure how users are interacting with your content, or if your content is even the right kind of traffic for your visitors. The most effective way to see if people are responding to your site is through conversion tracking, which can be set up through your Google Analytics account.

There are several points where conversion goals can be captured on your site. Destination goals are the most common. This type of goal is mostly used on forms. In order to set up the goal, just go to the Admin section of your Analytics account and find the tab marked “Goals.” Click on New Goal and begin creating a Custom Goal. Mark your goal as a Destination goal, and fill in the URL under “Equals to.” This would typically be the Thank You page. Once you hit save, your goal is set up and you will begin seeing results as soon as people start hitting that page.

Another type of goal you can track is the amount of time people spend on your site, or a Duration goal. After creating a custom goal, you would choose the duration type instead of destination. This type of goal measures the amount of time users spend on your site, and can be used to determine how engaging they find your content. The time you track can be measured in seconds, minutes and hours. Depending on how quickly people are leaving your site, you may be driving the wrong traffic or your content might not be engaging enough.

You can also track conversions by the number of pages users visit in a session. If users engage with the site for longer stretches of time, you are most likely driving the right traffic to your site. You can set this type of conversion tracking by creating a custom goal and choosing the Pages/Screens per session type. The goal will track the number of sessions that have higher page counts than the number you choose to track.

Tracking conversions is the most effective way of seeing if your SEO efforts are paying off, or where you could still use some work. While traffic may fluctuate based on internet patterns and trending topics, conversions will give you the clearest picture of how people respond to your content.

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