What is the Most Effective Way to Perform a Content Audit?

As we approach the end of the year, you might be thinking of ways to improve on your marketing strategy for 2019 in order to increase web traffic and conversions in 2020. Performing a content audit of your service pages and blog posts can help you decide what on your website is helping you, hurting you or just not performing up to your standards. You’ll also be able to determine what to write about going forward!

What does your analytics say?

Your analytics and search console data is your most valuable tool during a content audit. You’ll be able to see what search terms users are using to reach your site and view it in search results, landing pages, and how users move through the website. By going through each URL, you’ll be able to see what blogs are performing particularly well, and which older pieces of content could use a refresh from the blog itself to the metadata.

What about your data?

Does your data contain any trends or common themes? If you notice that a specific kind of post performs very well, you can tailor upcoming content to match that format. While you should switch between types of content in order to reach different audiences, adding posts that consistently perform well can help you reach your desired metrics.

Planning for the future

After compiling your data and determining what’s been working for you, you’ll need to create a plan to keep your strategy effective moving forward. Come up with timely, relevant content topics and posts to answer frequently asked questions your customers may have, and develop a social media strategy to promote your content and reach out to your followers. Online ads are another way to drive your traffic: for relatively low budgets, you can boost posts and create ads that reach potential customers that meet your target audience.

What about content that’s middle-of-the-road?

if you have content that performs fairly well but contains outdated information, you can rewrite it in order to bring your content to current standards. You can rewrite the content and metadata, keeping the URL structure in order to maintain the current ranking of the page in search results. You’ll be able to get this done in a matter of weeks, just in time for your next audit!

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