What Is The Importance of Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free yet valuable tool for a website and business owner. If you’re trying to optimize your site, this tool will show you a lot you need to know and how you can improve those things to get your website in front of the eyes of new customers. If you’ve never heard of Google Search Console, you’re in for a treat because this tool provides essential insights into how your pages function on your website and what keywords users search for to find your website. Learn below the importance of Google Search Console and what it is used for.

What is Google Search Console?

As mentioned above, Google Search Console is a free tool that helps website owners measure their website traffic, the keywords being searched for their website, and website issues and receive important information/insights from Google about their website. This tool shows how well a website performs in organic search traffic so users can adjust their website in Google’s index. Google Search Console only provides organic search insights and cannot pull traffic from direct, referral, paid, and other search traffic. Google Search Console does not allow you to make changes to the website directly, but you can submit pages for indexing, check your website and URL health, and find any errors in your domain property. This tool is helpful for users who are looking to optimize their website’s health and better determine which keywords would be beneficial for new content. 

Using Google Search Console For SEO

Google Search Console is extremely beneficial for optimizing your SEO strategy. One of the most essential features of Google Search Console is the performance report, where helpful metrics are shown for users. These give digital marketers and business owners essential insights into their organic performance, including clicks, impressions, CTR, and average search engine positions. The clicks section shows the number of clicks from Google search that results in users clicking on your website. Clicks are simply the clicks to your website and may not match up with your Google Analytics report as those metrics may be tracked differently. Impressions are how many links users see to your website on the Google search results page. This also is described as how often your website appears in the search results, regardless of whether or not it gets clicked. These count as impressions and are important to know when creating new content.

CTR, or click-through rate, measures how many clicks the website receives divided by the number of impressions the website gets. And lastly, the average position shows the position that your website is given for a specific keyword. This is not always the most accurate metric, as websites fluctuate constantly due to search trends, competition, and other factors. These metrics can be used differently for each user or business owner. Determining which keywords offer the most valuable results and highest click-through rates will reveal website visitors’ search habits and intent. Learning to improve that and create new rich content makes Google Search Console extremely beneficial to its users.

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