What is The Importance Of Blogging on Your Website?

Increases Traffic To Website

Blogging, whether you’re a small business or large company, has become essential for anyone who has a website and wants to be found online. Creating relevant and useful content for your target audiences will drive more traffic to your site and establish you as a prime candidate for the job. Blogging about specific products or services will increase the amount of bottom-funnel traffic necessary to increase conversions. It’s also important to note that blogging is one of the most inexpensive ways to increase sales if done correctly. Hiring a content marketer or digital marketing company to assist with your blogging and content strategy is a great idea, and the ROI will show that. Blogging creates organic traffic for your website, which means that the traffic is not from paid advertising, and users found your blog organically through relevant keyword searches. Blogging increases traffic by having content that people are searching for, thus they click on your website. 

Establishes Your Business As An Industry Leader

Marketing is all about getting your business in front of eyeballs. Getting people to see your content and speak about it creates conversions at a higher rate. The more people that see your blogs, the more people will become familiar with your brand. Take HubSpot, for example. HubSpot is a company that has software for marketers and sales teams. They have established themselves as a marketing/sales industry leader by posting relevant content on just about any topic a marketer searches. By doing this, they’ve established themselves as the premium source for marketing and sales tips and education. This has helped them achieve growth and compete with Salesforce for companies’ CRM’s. Become a thought-provoking teacher for your target market and reap the benefits. 

Blogging Increases Your Google Rankings

Blogging increases your ranks on SERPS by approximately 4X the amount if you don’t have a blog. Blogging is directly related to keyword optimization. Find keywords that your target market is likely to search for in google, and weave them into your blogs’ copy, strategically placing them in H-tags and as anchor text throughout the content. Ensure the keywords you’re putting in your blog fit what you’re talking about and don’t just shoot in the dark. To learn more about the keywords you should be using. checkout our guide for keywords and how they affect your SEO. It’s important to note that This is not a method that shows instant results. If your blogs are written well, possess keywords, and are useful content, they will gain traction over time. 

Blogging at Boston Web Marketing

Boston Web Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency that can transform your small business by improving your online presence and gaining exposure. Blogging is becoming more and more essential, and Boston Web Marketing makes sure your content is optimized for your potential customers. If you want to learn more about our blogging and our other SEO services, contact us today!

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