What is the Importance of Accelerated Mobile Pages?

What is an Accelerated Moble Page? 

Accelerated Mobile Pages, also know as AMP, is a growing part of successful SEO strategies. Accelerated Mobile Pages is a certain kind of coding that allows a site to load quicker on a mobile device. Many times, pages and sites load quicker on desktops and slower on mobile devices. However, in today’s world, mobile devices are growing more and more popular for searches. Google knows this, which is why it launched AMP in 2015 and rewards websites that utilize accelerated mobile pages.

How Does AMP Work?

AMP works by reducing different elements on a webpage to make it load faster, which improves users’ mobile experience. Basically, AMP will reduce unneeded CSS requests, get rid of large images on the page, call to action, and more unnecessary elements of the page. With all of these unneeded features on a page being eliminated, the page will be able to load almost instantly.

Why is AMP Important?

Have you ever tried to look something up on your phone, and the page just won’t load? This can be extremely annoying and frustrating for a user. This can also damage a website because the user may become impatient and exit out of your page. Here are some reasons why your website should have accelerated mobile pages.

  • Improve Ranking on Search Engine Results Page:

    Google algorithms are made to provide users with the most relevant and valuable information quickly. Google with rank website higher when they are following the requirements of the different algorithms. Because mobile traffic is becoming more and more common on Google, Google will reward websites that utilize accelerated mobile pages with higher rankings.

  • Improve Users’ Experience:

    Mobile search results typically load slower because of many factors, including internet speed, cell service, and the amount of elements of a web page that need to load. However, people typically expect instant results in today’s world, so if your website is loading too slowly, it can leave a bad taste in users’ mouths, causing them not to use your website. This is another reason why AMP is so important for websites to utilize.

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