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What is the Google Buy Button in the Beta Program?

Google has recently introduced a new feature in its beta program that will allow qualifying merchants to add a “buy” button to their search ads. Businesses who participate in the beta program is now allowed to add a “buy on Google” button at the top of their ads.

It requires customers to use the Google Wallet and clicking the buy button will send the customer to a Google page similar to the ones in the Google Play Store.

The potential customers’ database is also limited because currently, only Android users will be able to see the “buy” button so that means, desktop users or Apple iPhone users  cannot see the new button. Although there has been no official announcement from Google, yet, it has appeared on Google Merchant Center.

Google has displayed this feature as “Purchases on Google” and it is described as something that helps customers purchase easier on Google and thus grow conversions and receive new customers.

It is unclear when this service will be officially launched since it’s still in beta. We will have to wait and see if this feature can challenge some of the e-commerce giants like Amazon in the future.




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