What is the difference between Whitehat and Blackhat SEO?

There are many practices to optimize a website in order to rank higher within a search engine results page. Google has in place different algorithms that help websites rank higher if the rules are followed. When these algorithms are followed, websites are more user-friendly, informative and will be rewarded by Google. However, some unethical websites will try to find loopholes around these rules to rank higher. Partaking in blackhat SEO tactics will lead to consequences and penalties for a website. Keep reading to learn more about both Whitehat and Blackhat practices and how Whitehat can benefit your website.

What is Whitehat SEO?

Whitehat SEO is all tactics and practices that are considered ethical in optimizing your site. These ethical practices follow the Google algorithms and rules that are set in place. They also help websites create unique, relevant, and informative content. When a website uses whitehat SEO tactics, it will be rewarded with higher rankings in search engines. The website will also be more user-friendly and helpful to their target audience. 

Some whitehat practices include:

  • Optimized page titles and meta descriptions
  • Original content 
  • Anchor text
  • Backlinking
  • And more!

What is Blackhat SEO?

Blackhat SEO refers to all the wrong or unethical SEO practices that some websites partake in. These practices break the rules of Google algorithms. Blackhat methods tend to focus strictly on search engines and not on the user’s experience. Some people use blackhat methods if they are looking for quick results. However, they will be penalized by Google. Penalties can include a website being banned from search results or being de-indexed. These serious consequences will dramatically, negatively affect a business as a whole. Here are some blackhat practices that should always be avoided:

  • Keyword stuffing 
  • Link farming
  • Hidden text 
  • And more!

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