What is the Difference Between SEO & Reputation Management?

SEO and reputation management go hand in hand.  You can’t effectively manage your online reputation without knowing how SEO works.  With proper reputation management, your business excels, online and offline.  If you’re well acquainted with SEO, you’ll be better at managing your reputation.

The difference between SEO and reputation management is creating and establishing brand identity.

SEO tends to target people searching specific keywords on a specific product, service, location, or general information.  Being at the forefront of a user’s query includes creating quality content on your site that will improve your rankings on search engine results pages.

Reputation management targets monitoring the user’s opinions regarding a product, brand, or an individual.  Reputation management also helps users understand your business based off your social media presence and online reviews.  Using social media helps establish your online presence, such as showcasing positive aspects of your business as well as addressing negative feedback on your website or social media profiles.

The essence of SEO is about working on the back-end of the website to improve search rankings, highlighting positive aspects of the business, and overall driving more traffic to the website.  When you see the search engine results, they are ranked by algorithms that consider the website’s content quality, prominence, and other key factors.  The main goal of SEO is rank top in search engine results.

The focal point of reputation management is on brand identity, online and offline.  In online reputation management, SEO is used to influence search engine results so they offer a positive first impression of the business.  Reputation management focuses on creating engaging social media profiles, a positive online review presence, and posting quality content that attracts visitors to the website or social media profiles.  This includes tactics and skills from the public relations industry, review maintenance, and social media influencing.

When using both SEO and reputation management to establish your online identity, you’re illustrating yourself as a credible brand with quality website content and a positive online presence.

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