What Is The Difference Between SEO & PPC?

In this wide world of digital marketing, it can difficult to differentiate between Search Engine Optimization & Pay Per Click(SEO & PPC), as well as the variety of services that marketing professionals provide. From monthly newsletters & blogs to social posts and boosting content to increase your reach, to setting up paid ads, managing reviews, and so forth. The list truly goes on!

As a marketer who specializes in content creation and website optimization, I often find that many clients are confused when it comes down to SEO & PPC, and from the questions asked, it makes sense as to where the confusion stems from. In this blog, my aim is to provide a clear and concise breakdown of these two services, and how they are similar in the goal of increasing traffic and conversions, the objective is to highlight how the process and methods to do so vary greatly!

The Rundown – SEO & PPC

Search Engine Optimization & Pay Per Click are both services that promise to increase your overall web traffic and conversions, but the approach taken is radically different but is ultimately dictated by one key element. Money & Spend!

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization covers a large range of services, which include (but are not limited to) content creation, social scheduling, monthly blogs, service area pages, website optimization, and website security. The main goal is to increase your digital presence through relevant webpages and proper SEO & Meta descriptions for your website, it covers everything from the home page header to your footer.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is a more direct approach to getting a large number of leads in a short amount of time. The primary goal is to drive traffic to a specific aspect of your business and focuses more on spending money to get your business in front individuals that may be looking for a service that your company offers, but not for your business in particular. For More information on what Google ads are, click here!

The Key Difference Between SEO & PPC

If your goal is to grow your business and increase your digital exposure, working with a marketing agency is an excellent way to increase web traffic, and boost your conversions,  While both of these services come at an initial cost (if you are working with an agency) PPC ads are the only account that requires continual monthly bidding, shifts in account spends, and so on; whereas with SEO the process is organic-based, and its aim is to increase traffic to your site over a period of time, that helps your score higher on SERPs and puts you in front of people actively looking for a business similar to your own.

In short: SEO is a long term process that improves your website ranking score (think page 1 results) over time – PPC is a more direct approach to determining a budget, formulating a keyword list, and submitting your campaign to bid on placement. Each service has a benefit that the other cannot provide but if the end game is increasing traffic and growing your business, they are essential to that goal.


From prior discussions with clients who were not particularly familiar with Adwords and PPC campaigns, I’ve discovered that it is easy to confuse the two even when one approach is organic-based and takes time to go into effect, whereas PPC goes into effect immediately and can have conversions on day one.

It is important to note that while you may be paying an agency for content and site optimization, this does not necessarily include Paid Ads unless specified.

Ultimately which route you take depends on if you are looking for long term results or if you are looking to boost a certain aspect of your business for a select period of time. While these two services differ greatly in the approach, for a truly bulletproof digital approach, each aspect is incomplete without the other. For questions on which of these services may benefit your current needs view our blog on whether PPC or SEO is right for you.

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