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What is the Difference Between Organic and Direct Traffic?

Receiving website traffic is a good thing regardless of where it came from. However, it is always good to know how people are finding and getting to your website. We are sure you have heard the simple answer: organic traffic comes from search engines and direct traffic comes from entering your URL directly. For marketers, this answer is too straightforward. Knowing where your website traffic is coming from is essential, and diving deeper into where traffic is coming from is major information for your company.

Organic Traffic

When your website comes up on a search engine results page (SERP) from a search engine such as Google or Bing and is then clicked on, your website is getting organic traffic. Your name and website were not searched directly, but you were found on a SERP. Organic traffic is completely driven by your SEO efforts. How well you are ranked based on your keywords on search engines contributes to how many people are seeing your website. You can improve your organic traffic by continuously adding content to your site and putting effort into SEO. Organic traffic is good data for marketers to analyze because it shows the user’s thought process before clicking onto your website.

Direct Traffic

Direct traffic results from users putting your website’s URL directly into their search bar or from their bookmarked pages. Direct traffic does not include links or referrals from any other sites or sources. When you are getting direct traffic, users are looking and searching for you specifically. Direct traffic is more difficult to trace and analyze because there is no data of where the user came from. With direct traffic, you are also not able to analyze the intent of the users on your site. You are not able to tell what they are searching for and what enticed them to go onto your website.

The Big Difference

The way user intent is trakced and analyzed through organic search is the main difference between the two channels of traffic. Through organic search, you are really able to see the mindset of the person who entered your site; what they were looking for and and exactly how they got there. Direct traffic leaves more to the imagination; you are not too sure why they are there but do know they searched for you directly. Overall, any source of website traffic is extremely beneficial.

Boston Web Marketing

Organic and direct traffic are essential pieces of data for any marketers to take into consideration when wanting to learn more about their consumers. For any questions regarding organic traffic vs. direct traffic, contact the experts at Boston Web Marketing at 857-526-0096 for more information.


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