What is the Difference Between Domain & Page Authority?

We know that numerous factors and metrics are used to evaluate the overall strength, value and reputation of any given website.  Some of these metrics are Domain Authority and Page Authority, and it is important to know the difference between the two.

Page Authority is a term that is discussed fairly frequently in the SEO world; what is most important to remember with this specific metric is that it is used when measuring the strength of a one specific page on a site.  This strength is determined through the use of a scale (0-100), and the higher a page’s score means the better the potential of that page to rank well in the results of a search engine.

Domain Authority, however, evaluates an entire domain’s ranking strength. As with Page Authority, a scale of 0-100 is also used for measurement.  Domain Authority is often helpful when comparing one website to another, or to help see how your own site progresses and hopefully succeeds over time through the use of positive SEO strategies.

So, while one metric is focused on a very specific piece of your site and the other is used to evaluate your domain overall, the two are best used together; it is always important to track each component of your website and use your findings to complete research for your company or brand’s search results.  It never hurts to know which sites and pages are thriving and where you may be able to improve.




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