What is The Best Strategy For Facebook Ads?

When it comes to increasing overall brand awareness, social media could not be a better medium to utilize! Using social media to grow your brand exposure organically is a great way to engage with your community, field questions, and promote your products and services. The question is, what do you do if you want to reach a broader audience beyond your current clientele? While organic growth can be rewarding, Facebook provides a variety of low-cost tools to help reach new eyes. Facebook Ads allows businesses of any size to create captivating ads, complete with customization options that won’t drain your budget! Facebook Ads are displayed across Facebook & Instagram in a variety of formats.

What is the Best Goal?

When creating an ad, Facebook provides a variety of options based on the desired results. This is subjective as it really revolves around the current goals of your business, and what you are looking to achieve whether it is product promotion or brand exposure. Below we will address the primary goal types and how it can complement your current marketing goals. Most goals are complete with a call to action such as “message”, “learn more”,  “visit site”, “visit store”.

Website Traffic: Utilizing social media to boost website traffic is a great way to channel users onto your site,

Engagement: Do you want social media users to be able to reach out directly regarding your products or services? The “get more messages campaign” is a goal type that allows users to see your ad and reach out to your company directly. This is a great option if you have intricate products, services, or want to be accessible to the client.

Page Engagement: If you are looking to specifically grow your social media community

Local Ads: A Local Facebook ad is a great way to introduce your goods and services to surrounding cities and towns. This high targeted feature takes your physical location and creates a radius (of your choosing) to show to local residents. This is a quick way to get your company in front of people who may actually require your goods/services.

Boosted Posts: Promote preexisting content on your social media page, whether it is a product, a review, or information about a sale, boosting a post can be a great way to promote existing content.

Quality over Quantity

Now that your ad is set up and the copy is all figured out, it’s time to set your target audience. And this is where quality comes into play. If your audience is too large, there is a chance that the lead or conversion may not be of high quality. It is important to zero in on who you want to see your ads, before trying to target an audience of vast quantities!  When determining the most effective audience, it is important to think like a consumer, what would your clients be interested in? Providing this information can help attract the right eyes to your content. For example, it would make more sense to target 18,000,000 avid campers compared to 30,000,000 random people for camping products (depending on the campaign of course).

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