What is the Beginning Process of Adwords Certification?

Have an interest to be Adword Certified? Here is a quick guide for the beginning process of Adwords certification.

Log in to Google Partner,  click on im an agency button you will need a Gmail account to continue. Sign into Gmail then agree the terms and conditions

You will then be asked to complete your profile interest, and email notifications, be sure to you’re your company’s email to your profile account which will unlock free exams and your company’s content, you can get your certification for free it will also give you access to exclusive content from your company and it will help your company earn the Google Partner badge and get leads from Google Partner search. you can also go back later on and finish missing information.

You will then save and continue

Find your company. If you do not have a company or can’t find your company, you can skip the step and then you would have to go into your Gmail account and there you will receive an email to confirm your email address. Once you confirm you are able to log in and edit any information you have yet to fill, view the exams and have helpful insights on Adwords.

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