What is the App Jelly?

Recently, a creator of Twitter released a new app called “Jelly.” But what is Jelly? Jelly is a question and answer application which allows users to take pictures and ask questions to their network of friends and followers. Rather than text or image search Google, this app crowd-sources searching to your friends. The user is querying people rather than Google, Bing, Yahoo, Etc. The best way I have heard it described so far is “Yahoo Answers meets Google meets Instagram.”

The new app is simple. When you log in, you will be shown questions from your network of friends already existing on Facebook and Twitter and their network as well. You can answer these questions or, to skip a question, just swipe down.

You can also ask questions of your own. To ask a question, you take a picture, draw on it or include a link if you would like, and ask a question. The question will then show up to other people who will be able to answer your question.

This app can be utilized by businesses to engage with customers. When you connect your business Facebook and/or Twitter, you can interact with your friends and followers. You can ask your followers questions related to your business and maybe answer questions from your extended network to engage more people. The inclusion of links to your questions is one feature that is perfect for businesses. However, there is currently no way to track anything. There is also no search function yet allowing you to search for a certain topic or brand name. If Jelly has plans to introduce that function, it could have more impact for businesses.  The app is currently only on Version 1.0 so there is much advancement to be done to the app. With investors like Al Gore, Bono, Greg Yaitanes, and Jack Dorsey, Jelly is certainly an engagement app to watch.

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