What is Specialized Marketing and How Does it Relate to Link Building?

Link building is and always has been a very important part of marketing. It is one of the ranking factors (in case you need a refresh, check here for the factors) Google uses to rank your site and helps you to effectively target your audience.

With link building, you are manually promoting your business or product, to a target audience. The research and work you are doing to build links is known as specialized marketing.

Right off the bat, here are some tips that can help you optimize your link building strategy.

Know your audience – research what sites, platforms, and networks your users like and see where you can link to and from. Your audience is a key piece of building links. You will need to know your audience WELL before you can promote links, your message and your brand. This is where you should start doing your manual research.

Next, comes link prospecting. This is finding sites and online networks that are popular with your audience and ultimately these sites will present opportunities to secure a link for your business. Instead of TV, or newspaper sources, you are searching online – blogs, online magazines, forums, etc. The last piece of the audience development puzzle is finding an influencer. An influencer can be a major tool for your business. Not only do influencers promote a brand, but they can lend you credibility, and provide connections beyond links.

Analyze your current market position and the environment to place links strategically instead of blindly. You need to know the industry for your business. A little tip here is to look at your top ranking site’s backlinks. As previously mentioned, links affect your rank, so you can assume these sites have good backlinks, hence why they are sitting on top of the pack. Tools you can use for these checks include, Majestic, and Ahrefs. This will save you some time!

Look at your competitors. Competition can tell you a lot. Research your competition and where they are linking. When you look at what is and isn’t working for your competitors, this can help you shape your own strategy. Of course, keep in mind not to COPY from your competitors, simply learn. This analysis will help you to set results that are achievable and competitive goals.

Use your promotions. Find relevant promotions and send them off towards your relevant audiences

Lastly – craft a compelling message, and stick with it. Put in a good, steady effort for your campaigns, and don’t be discouraged when you don’t see a result right away. Consistency is the icing on the cake of your campaigns, and it will help to build trust in your company from your audience.

While you may think link building is simply for the SEO pros, think of it as good marketing with a bit of a twist; instead of trying to earn a customer, your goal is obtaining a link!

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