What is Social Bookmarking?

The Basics

Social Bookmarking Sites are designed for people to organize, store, share and promote links online. Many social bookmarking sites encourage users to use “tags” to organize their links. A user will assign a tag to a specific link, which will make it easier for them to find later on. You can think of tags as keywords that are specific to the link itself. For example: If I had a link to an online Ski store, I would use the tag “ski store” to organize it. Come next winter I can easily find where I bought my equipment online by searching my bookmarks for that tag.

Where To Find Them

Bookmarks are also used publicly for people to share websites, new articles, blogs, videos, pictures, and other digital information. Most Social Bookmarking sites now offer feeds where newly submitted bookmarks are presented to other users. Sites will use the tags placed on each bookmark to decide which sites they will display for any given search. For example: if you are looking at a feed for new SEO articles, the bookmarking site will scan new entries that have a tag similar to that search.

Social Book Marking and Optimizing

Social Bookmarking sites have become a very popular way to help optimize your website.  The more times a website is linked or tagged online, the more content is created for it. Search engines like to see new links to your website, new content surrounding your websites and also people talking about your business. Social bookmarking sites provide all three of these SEO tools. The practice of adding your website to social
bookmarking has become very popular because of this. But, like everything else you want to avoid spamming social bookmarking sites.  Spamming sites can be seen as Black Hat SEO which can lead to penalties from top search engines. New Social Bookmarking sites appear regularly and identifying the best Social Bookmarking sites is important. You can find these sites by simply looking around on Google or other search engines. You get to choose which type of Social Book Marking strategy you would like to use, so remember the choice is always yours!

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