What is Share of Voice?

Looking to gain a leg up on competitors and stay ahead of the game? BrightEdge has just launched a nifty tool called Share of Voice to help SEOs better understand how their company ranks in SERPS compared to their competition.

How Share of Voice Works

Share of Voice works similarly to Google’s Webmaster Tools program, yet excels when it comes to helping you identify websites in your industry that are driving more traffic than your own. Share of Voice is “the percentage of the search traffic a brand gets on the SERPs compared to competitors,” according to BrightEdge. The company has released data about Share of Voice which looks similar to click-through rates.

According to this research, the 1st position in organic search results acquires 30% of the traffic, while 2nd gets 15%, 3rd 10% and 4th around 5%. This diminishing pattern occurs because the further down a page a user goes, the less relevant the information becomes for that search. The technology can now help SEOs understand who is driving more traffic in organic search. People can analyze their competitors’ on-page, off-page and site structure and how they use keywords to rank.

Benefits of Share of Voice

  • Discover industry competitors that might not be on your radar.
  • Learn of a competitor’s rank for a specific keyword or group of keywords.
  • Organize the data into a map to review at a later date and compare to other competitor data.
  • Uncover industry partners whose sites you can reference via backlinks.
  • Track trending data in order to determine whether or not your strategies are working.
  • Share of Voice can track data for up to 5,000 keywords.
  • Automatically run the program so you can view up to date data and compare it to Google Analytics.

Want to know how BrightEdge determines a Share of Voice percentage? The simple process is explained here, but the company stresses why a platform like this is needed for larger brands with a multitude of competitors.

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