What is SEO Hierarchy?

If you have a new website then odds are you are trying to learn the ins & outs of SEO. If you believe your site should have good SEO but doesn’t, there is a possibility that you are not following the correct Hierarchy for SEO. In the article below we will discuss what aspects of SEO rank higher than others.

Foundations of SEO

If you make a website & you want it to be noticed by google so it can go on its SERPS, you will need to make your website crawlable. Making your URL crawlable will allow google bots to go through your web pages & then give them rankings based on your SEO on each page. Do NOT use forbidden bots or unknown bots that are not compatible with the current search engines that you would like to show up on. Most search engine bots will respect meta robots instructions and directives in a robots.txt file that ask them not to crawl certain pages or directories. This is known as the foundations of SEO because without your site being crawlable you will have no SEO & no rankings.


After crawling on the SEO hierarchy comes indexability. Indexability is basically cataloging for your site. When you index your site you are allowing users & google bots to find different pages of your site quickly & this will add to your SEO. By indexing pages, you can also choose some pages that you would not like to be indexed. For example, if you are using duplicate content on your site from another site for whatever reason, you will want to have that page under no index. Having a page under no index will ensure that page does not get crawled by google bots & you will not be given a penalty.


There are two different types of links that you can use on your site that will help your SEO. Internal links & external links. Internal links are when you link something on the page of your site to something else inside of your site. External links are when you link something from your site to another site that is not yours. The use of links has been proven to boost SEO because of a more user-friendly experience.


Once you have entered links in your blogs, service pages, home pages or anything on your site, you will need to go through and make sure all of it is clickable. Anon-clickable link is bad for SEO & will leave the visitors on your site annoyed & confused.

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