What is Google Search Console Used For?

Google Search Console is a free tool by Google that is highly useful in the daily operations of an SEO specialist. Whether you are brand new to SEO or a seasoned veteran in the field, Google Search Console provides invaluable website health and performance measurements that can help dictate SEO strategies moving forward. 

So, what does Google Search Console do that makes it valuable to us?

Functions of Google Search Console

Search Console offers a wide variety of functions and data that can help formulate a strong SEO strategy while also diagnosing any issues with your live pages. Search Console’s features can be broken down into two main segments: traffic and site health.

Measuring Website Traffic with Google Search Console

Although Search Console provides less traffic and data insights than Google Analytics does, it is nevertheless an important tool to have at your disposal. By visiting the performance tab in Search Console, users can see a variety of site metrics. These primary performance metrics in Search Console are total site clicks and total impressions, which can be broken down and filtered by dates, queries, and more. Beyond this, users can view which search queries drove traffic to their website, as well as the average SERP position for keywords and queries. By keeping a close eye on these performance metrics, SEO experts can adapt their strategies accordingly through updated keyword use and more!

Measuring Website Health with Google Search Console

Perhaps the most valuable feature of Search Console is its ability to diagnose and flag weaknesses in website performance and optimization. As we know, the Google Algorithm is full of unique quirks that can be hard to keep track of, but Search Console allows users to do just that! Search Console lets users get a complete scope of their site’s technical performance as well as search engine performance through the indexing and experience tabs.

The indexing tab in Search Console features a variety of technical options that can help optimize websites for organic search on Google. From here, you are able to submit new sitemaps, view all indexed pages, request manual indexing for pages that were crawled but not indexed, monitor 404 errors, and, if necessary, request page removals from Google. Being able to monitor the status of your site’s URLs in one place allows for swift corrections and validations by Google.

Beyond your website’s technical performance, it also needs to be visually appealing and high-performing on the front end. Search Console’s experience tab focuses on user experience and interface on your website and tracks a variety of insights for both mobile and desktop performance, including overall page speed, accessibility, content shifts, website design principles and others.

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