What is “Reverse Image Search”?

Are there benefits of reverse image searching? Are there any SEO benefits to this? To learn the answers to your questions, keep reading for instructions on reverse image search and the benefits they provide.


What Do I Need To Know About Reverse Image Searching?

Imagine finding an image that adds a lot of depth to your content. However, there is a problem since the site where you found it doesn’t link to the source. If you wish to properly cite your sources in your blog and give proper credit where it is due, you need the author’s information. Reverse image searches will help you locate the source. Many major search engines today have this quick and easy feature to use. If you want to find out where your images appear on the internet, you can also do a reverse image search.


How Can I Reverse Image Searching?

Reverse image searches can be done using search engines such as Google or Bing. You can locate tons of valuable information about your image by uploading it (or pasting its URL) and then clicking “search” in most browsers. Below are some of the discoveries you can make related to SEO in regards to reverse image searching:

  • The image size 
  • Alt text, keywords, and even related searches that appear with this image
  • Internal and external links as to where the image appears throughout the internet
  • Other visually related images


Why Should I Use Reverse Image Searching?

You can find a lot of information about a photo using reverse image searching. Below are some examples of what reverse image searching can detect:

  • You can discover exciting facts about the image
  • Identify the copyright status of the image
  • Track any violations of the copyright
  • Discover other people or places that are using your images
  • Identify the source to give credit where it is due
  • And more!


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