What is Responsive Web Design?

Did you know

In the US 30% of online traffic comes from tablet and mobile users? Do you care about mobile and tablet users seeing and interacting with your site properly? Then responsive design is important to you.


In the beginning

Of smartphones, sites would create mobile versions that realize when the site is being accessed from a mobile device, forward the user to the mobile website, and Bob was your uncle. Many times these sites URL would look something like “m.facebook.com”. They were totally separate URL’s and totally separately designed sites.

As time went on

iPads and tablet became popular, which is about half way between the size of a mobile device and a computer. This jumbled things up a bit. Make another tablet version site? No.

Responsive design

Is the idea that one site can have the functionality to react to the screen it is being accessed on, and format itself accordingly. Everything is in percentages and proportions, and thus responsive design has become something of the norm. No second versions of websites, just one fully responsive site.

Below is the difference between a responsive site and a non-responsive site on a mobile device.

image (3)image (5)


Bottom Line

Mobile and tablet traffic account for over 30% of all US online traffic, and projects only insist this percentage will grow. Users want to look up your hours, check out your portfolio, find your contact information all on the go, so don’t get stuck with an old site that can’t handle mobile and tablet devices. Get updated and get found!

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