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What Is RankBrain And Why Is It Important For SEO?

RankBrain was released in 2015 by Google and is Google’s Artificial Intelligence system. RankBrain is used to help us process search results. This machine learning AI teaches itself how to do something rather than follow programming. Google’s RankBrain will consider your location, previous activity, and the wording of your search query to deliver the most accurate results. For example, suppose you regularly search for directions in the United States but are abroad. In that case, RankBrain knows to send you directions to the location you are looking for in miles rather than kilometers.

What Does RankBrain Do?


RankBrain is part of Google’s Hummingbird search algorithm. Hummingbird is the overall search algorithm, but Hummingbird is made up of various parts, RankBrain being one of them. Other parts that build Hummingbird are algorithms such as Panda, Penguin, and Pigeon, to name a few. RankBrain helps Google by providing more relevant search results. It helps process medium and long-tail keywords. Google RankBrain helps to specify certain keywords for the specific user. For example, words such as “the” and “and” are now taken into consideration when Google delivers your results. Before RankBrain, these words would not have been taken into consideration. RankBrain is also a factor in how certain queries rank, forcing marketers to deliver high-quality content instead of using keyword stuffers to get their results. 

Why We Need RankBrain For SEO

We need RankBrain for SEO because it understands our search queries. RankBrain transformed Google by understanding long-tail keywords. It also delivers 10% better results than Google engineers ever could for our search queries. With better results being delivered to users, we can go after queries associated with two things together, such as, “buy cheap smartphones.” Medium-tail keywords are essential to invest in. These keywords are more specific than short-tail keywords but are less competitive. Due to RankBrain being an interpretive model, it does not matter if your keywords match or if there is link diversity or anchor text. What matters is the freshness of your page, if you are not fresh, you are not showing the users what they want, and Google will not display your website within the search results. The overall most important factor of RankBrain is the engagement with your page. Engagement to your page shows Google if searchers are satisfied with the results they find on your page. The content depth on your page will also help increase your website on Google’s results page. 

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