What is Product Schema & Why Does it Matter?

Rich text, also known as schema, is a common SEO tool that helps search engines identify what a web page is about. When schema markup is absent from a webpage, it makes it difficult for all search engine bots to understand the content on that page. Presenting useful information in a neat and organized way helps increase user experience by giving relevant results while searching any query in the search box. This means users will get more targeted results when they use search engines, which will ultimately lead to better business conversions & revenue generation.

What is Product Schema?

Rich snippets are commonly used by e-commerce sites that want their products to be shown in Google’s rich result pages (or SERP). Product schema markup consists of several markups like the product offer, reviews, and price markups which help in identifying the product data and enhance its visibility in SERPs. 

Why Does Product Schema Matter?  

According to the Google Webmaster Guidelines, webmasters are supposed to make it easy for search engines to index their content and then rank them higher in SERPs when users search for terms that you match with your website’s content. Unfortunately, most e-commerce sites do not implement product schema, which makes it difficult for search engine bots to crawl and index their products properly. This also makes it hard to recognize individual products listed on an e-commerce store’s page, which ultimately leads to poor user experience & lower conversions.

What are the Benefits of Using Product Schema?

  • Increases CTR (Click through rate) by showing rich snippets in SERPs, which increases brand visibility.
  • Helps search engines understand the purpose of your web page
  • Increases conversions by providing relevant results to user queries while making them happy.
  • Higher rankings in SERPs due to better user experience and enhanced content.
  • Brand recognition on all major SERP pages leading to targeted new customers.   

Will Shopify Automatically Add Product Schema?

Unfortunately, Shopify, and most other E-commerce platforms do not come with product schema markup. That means you will have to find a way to implement it on your own. While there are a few plugins that claim support for product schema, many of them cost money and may not be reliable. In some cases it may be best to add product schema manually to ensure proper integration. If implemented correctly using the proper markups then Shopify can easily increase user experience by showing rich snippets in SERPs which can lead to higher conversions & revenue generation through increased CTR’s (click through rate).

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