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What Is “Posts with Google” & How Will It Affect Search?

What is “Posts with Google?”

Google has been testing a new content platform which they are calling “Posts with Google.” Recently announcing “Every day millions of people search on Google, many of whom are looking for information about prominent individuals and organizations. Now we’re experimenting with a new way for users to hear directly from select entities they’re searching for on Google.

This invite-only Google feature will allow verified individuals and organizations to communicate via text, images, and videos directly on Google. These post will appear instantly in search results related to the publisher.

This new content platform will provide real-time updates from individuals and organizations when someone performs a direct brand search. The updates & post will be displayed in a content carousel which will compliment Google’s current Knowledge Graph. The “Posts with Google” updates will appear in search results similar to the way Google’s real time twitter updates have been appearing.

How will this Impact Search?

This new platform could have a major impact on brand searches for both paid and organic searches. Currently, the platform is still in experimental stages and only open to select brands, but if Google decides to open this up or make it public in the future it will have a major impact on SEO.

The content carousel that is featured in Google’s Search results is very prominent including links, images, and even videos. This type of large visual search result can steal clicks away from both paid ads and organic results. But on the upside, you are able to control the posts that will appear, which means you can direct users to your website. The large display can also help distract users from negative results that may be present on the search result pages.

The platform updates within search results in real-time which can help drive conversions for things like flash sales, or promotions.

As of right now, Post with Google is still in the experimental stages but if Google does decide to open this feature up to more individuals and brands it is sure to have a major impact on SEO.

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