What is Off-Site SEO?

In the world of SEO, what it often most talked about is on-site SEO. This is all the work done to optimize your website, including content, metadata, page structure and internal linking. Whether the site is built on WordPress, HTML, or another platform like Squarespace or Shopify, you can find these features.

However, what is less talked about, mostly because it’s more difficult to manage, is off-site SEO. In short, off-site SEO is measured and controlled by the links on other websites that point back to yours. This requires knowledge not only of website structure and data, but of the business as a whole, and how to use external listing sites. 

Be Consistent

A good place to start with off-site SEO is checking or creating business listings on social media, and business directories. Consistency is a really important factor when it comes to creating these listings, especially when it comes to your business name and URL. Conflicting information can confuse the Google algorithm and limit the benefit of your off-site SEO efforts.

Quality Over Quantity

While it might sound nice to have a lot of links pointing to your site and generating referral traffic, there is a catch to this system. While links to your site that are found on reputable and well known sites will help you rise in rankings, listings on unreliable and untrustworthy sites can sometimes hurt you. Think about it like this; if one of your well-trusted friends were to recommend you a restaurant you probably wouldn’t need to think twice before making a reservation, Google works the same way! Make sure to only make business listings on sites that you trust! If someone is charging you for your listing, it might not be worth it.

Use Your Network

Once you’ve gotten the basics of off-site SEO down, using your personal and professional network can really help you take it to the next level. If you have businesses that you work, asking them to link to your site can be a real help. Press releases and online articles from reputable publications can also benefit your rankings!

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