What Is Off-Page SEO & Why Is It Important?

Are you trying to build your web presence? If so, you’ve probably heard of on-page SEO which refers to optimizing all the pages of your website. But have you been incorporating off-page SEO into your strategy as well? Off-page SEO is all the activity that you and others do on the internet away from your website to improve your website page rank in search engines. Many people believe that off-page SEO is just link building, but that is not the case. Other off-page SEO strategies include social media marketing and brand mentions. 

Why is Off-Page SEO Important?

Google’s main goal is to direct people to websites with the most information that is both factual and up to date. In order for Google to know if your website has these factors, they cannot just rely on your website alone. Google needs to see that other websites and users on the internet are connecting with your website. This communicates to Google that others also think your information is useful. 

Essentially, off-page SEO gives Google a very good indication of how others perceive your website. A website that has up to date, factual and high-quality information is more likely to have references from other websites. Like stated above, you can incorporate off-page SEO by including backlinks to your website, keeping your social media presence active, and having your brand mentioned in product reviews, blog posts, news articles, etc. Having a lot of valuable links and comments pointing to your website assures Google that you’ve got great content that deserves to rank higher than others. 

Benefits of Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO can provide your website with the following benefits: 

Increase in Search Engine Rankings

Your website is more likely to rank high on the search engine if Google knows your information is being useful to others. If your Google ranking increases, this will also increase the traffic on your website. 

Increase in PageRank

Increasing in PageRank is also important because even if you are on the first page sometimes people do not scroll past the first few hits. It is likely that if you are optimizing off-page SEO you will also see an increase in PageRank. 

Great Exposure

What comes with an increase in rankings is also an increase in exposure. When a website ranks in a top position it gets more visits, more links, and more social media mentions. 

Proves Trustworthiness

When your website is getting great exposure Google sees that people rely on your website. Google sees this and then trusts your website as a valid source. Once you have Google’s trust you will see more of an increase in ranking. But, don’t forget to continue your strategies to keep Google’s trust!

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