What is new with WordPress 4.1

Just about a week ago, Dinah, the new WordPress 4.1 version was released. The new WordPress has some great new features specifically centered around the most important SEO practice, content. There are a few addition features with this Twenty Fifteen theme as well.

New Default Theme

The new Twenty Fifteen WordPress theme was designed to reduce clutter and put the content right where it should be, front and center. The other important feature it that it is responsive, making it easy to view on phones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

Distraction Free Writing Tool

This distraction free writing feature had the heavy content writers of the WordPress world in mind. Its goal is to help writers focus on the content they are creating by eliminating the distractions once you start writing. This mode is automatically set into motion once you start typing. All the back end features that can be overwhelming and well, distracting fade away and returns when you’ve stopped writing.”

More Features

  • Use your general settings screen to select the language you want to use.
  • Log out from all devices.
  • Easy embedding of Vine videos
  • The plugin installer will recommend plugins for you to try based on other plugins you have installed.

Keep this new WordPress 4.1 version in mind when you begin building your next website and share with us if you have already used it


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