What is Mobile-First Indexing?

The first mobile-first index update is planned to roll out soon making it more important than ever to ensure you website is mobile-friendly to reflect the trends of users. Although an exciting change, moible-first indexing is creating a lot of confusion among business owners and what it means for their website. If you’re confused about it, too, we’re breaking down what it is, what you can do to prepare for it, and how it’ll affect your SEO efforts.

What is Mobile-First Indexing?

Mobile-first indexing is the process of Google indexing websites that have a mobile-friendly website over websites that do not. This does not mean that Google will not rank desktop websites as well, but websites that do not have a mobile version could be negatively impacted. If your mobile website is properly optimized, you will potentially see a boost in your rankings.

How Should I Prepare for Mobile-First Indexing?

Google’s mobile-first indexing is going to be rolling out gradually throughout 2018 so there is no need to panic about building a mobile-friendly version of your website in the next week. If your website is already mobile-friendly, you might not have to do anything differently. If you want to improve your mobile website or if you don’t have one, consider the following tips to get your website ready for mobile-first indexing:

  • Produce high-quality, original content and all text, images, and videos are optimized and responsive
  • Include strucutred data markup on the mobile and desktop version of your website to make it easier for Google to crawl it
  • All titles and meta descriptions on the mobile and desktop version of your website are the same
  • Add and verify the mobile version of your website in Google Webmaster Tools


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