What is Metadata?

If your business has a website, odds are you have heard of the term metadata. You may have some understanding as to what metadata is regarding search engine optimization. Still, it is crucial to understand it fully in order to optimize your website completely. Proper metadata will increase both your rank on search engines and page views by your target audience. 


Metadata is descriptive material across your website that assists in search engines’ understanding of the content of each of your website pages. When search engines crawl your website and index your pages, they will use metadata to determine what your webpage’s content is about and determine how and to whom it is relevant when they search. Metadata typically contains specific, descriptive information about the services provided on the webpage. 

Where is SEO Metadata?

Metadata is visible to your audience on your website and primarily invisible information on the backend. Follow along as we go over the most critical metadata places to focus on in order to get found and rank on search engines. 

Page Titles Tags

One of the first pieces of metadata that search engines use to evaluate your webpage is the page title tag. Be sure that your page titles are always descriptive, specific, and relevant to your content. Keywords are always good to use in page titles, but be sure to avoid overuse. Your page title should not exceed 60 characters. 

Meta Description

Your meta description is most important for internet searchers. Meta descriptions show up on search engine results pages (SERPs) when your website comes up on relevant search results and serves as a summary of the web page’s content and information. It is important that your meta descriptions are brief yet concise and specific to your content and services. With an accurate and appealing meta description, your traffic can increase. 

Image Alt Tags

Search engines use image alt tags to understand what an image is of or depicting, which increases their understanding of your content. With alt tags, search engines can understand what the image is of. Atl tags should include a very short description of the picture. Alt tags are also extremely useful accessibility-wise, as people who are sight impaired can also understand what the image is. 

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