What Is Meta AI?

Many social media users may have noticed a recent addition to their Meta Platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp. As more AI is becoming available and new versions of AI are released for new websites, apps, and platforms, you may wonder what it is and does. Many large companies, such as Meta and Google, may have their own version of AI. Google has Gemini, which is its own version of AI. AI is an artificial intelligence that answers questions for you in a matter of seconds. Many users may find this creepy, while others are already familiar with using it to their full advantage. AI can help answer questions, provide recipes and tips, write content, and other beneficial tips for business owners and everyday users. Learn more about Meta AI below, what it is, and what it does for Meta users. 

What Does Meta AI Do?

Meta designed Meta AI to help users “get things done, learn, create and connect with the things that matter to you”, according to a recent article from Meta directly. It is designed to help Facebook or Instagram users easily locate certain pages and accounts or access specific types of content across its platforms, similar to searching on a search engine for information. Meta AI can be used in chats, feeds, search bars, and other app features. This allows users to stay on Meta’s platforms longer without leaving to find something they especially want to see or are looking for an answer on. Meta made Meta AI easy to use and free for all users with a Facebook or Instagram account. Getting access to real-time info without leaving the Meta app gives Meta a significant advantage over other apps and platforms users use.

Can I Turn Off Meta AI?

At this time, there is no option to remove Meta AI from your platforms or to turn it off. It was designed to stay on all of Meta’s platforms to be beneficial to users whenever they need to look for something. This search bar for Meta AI was added on each platform but has not replaced the previously existing search bar that users can still use to find accounts, pages, hashtags, and other content across Facebook and Instagram. 

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