What Is Medium And How Can It Get My Content Noticed?

If you’re anything like us over here at Boston Web Marketing, then you probably have a rigorous content generation strategy, equipped with eye-popped titles, fully optimized blog content, colorful photos and of course a great topic that’s sure to generate some discussion on social media.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t always pan out that way. Sometimes a great blog might get overlooked by the outside world and fail to generate any leads or traffic to other pages on your site. When this happens, you need to re-think your strategy. Once of the best ways to get your content noticed is to find a different platform to post it on. Enter: Medium.

What is Medium?

Started by Twitter co-founder Ev Williams back in 2012, the goal of Medium is to help those who have great content get noticed across the Internet and expand their readership and online audience. So how does it work? As Search Engine Journal succinctly describes, “Medium delivers […] by taking on board user engagement signals and tailoring each reader’s news feeds to highlight the content they are most likely to enjoy” — which is very similar to tailoring your Pinterest feed based on what your interests are. Medium also functions like Hootsuite in the sense that it’s a publishing platform used to push out content to a select target audience.

What are the benefits of Medium?

Although it’s still highly recommended that you keep a company blog and publish to it, many companies have found that they will also publish select pieces to Medium in hopes of reaching a broader audience by using relevant tags and categories users search under. With Medium’s nearly 60 million visits per month, you’re bound to get some hits! When it comes to the user experience side of things, readers can comment on a specific part of your content as well as highlight a key phrase or paragraph they deem important. The best part about Medium is that there’s a mobile app for both Android and iOS — which means you get the added benefit of users on the go reading your content. On the SEO side of things, Medium’s site authority (Moz ranked it 92/100) allows for great backlinks and social interaction.
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