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What is Keyword Stemming?

Keyword research is a significant SEO practice that allows us to find the best set of keywords that will allow our websites to grow their organic search traffic. Along with the assistance of the brand, keywords are also the basis for how content will be formulated, along with how link building and social media campaigns would be executed.

What is keyword stemming?

Keyword stemming refers to Google’s ability to recognize different word forms of a particular search query. It’s known as stemming because it comes from the word stem, base, or root form. For example, if you use the word ‘buy’ in a sentence, a stemming algorithm will recognize the words ‘buys,’ ‘buying’ and ‘bought’ as variations of the word ‘buy’ as well. Some SEOs also differ among stemming and lemmatization. Google has used keyword stemming in its algorithms for a lengthy amount of time now. For languages other than English, Google began understanding word forms much later. In recent years, Google’s algorithm shifted to be even more advanced, making exact match keyword optimization more and more outdated.

Stemming and word forms

When people speak about keyword stemming or a stemming algorithm, they mean that the algorithm can distinguish different word forms of a certain keyword. That’s precisely what the word forms functionality in Yoast SEO does. Regarding synonyms: they are not automatically recognized, but we do permit you to enter synonyms, which will then be taken into consideration in SEO analysis. 

Is the variation still related to the original keyword?

Sometimes adding a prefix or suffix to the keyword almost entirely changes the definition of the word itself. The main goal is to use a variety to gain more organic traffic and open up more possibilities to be searched while still retaining the meaning of the root word.

Keyword stemming and SEO

Google has become very intelligent, understands text, and context. To make it in the search engines, you need to write great texts that show your authority on a particular subject. Content that is stuffed with keywords does not rank anymore. Google hates that, and your users hate that as well. You want to use synonyms and related keywords in your content to make it pleasing to read and to make it rank! You also need to use diverse word forms to write a post that is easy to read. Thanks to Google’s extended improvements, it is capable of understanding user context better than before. This allows the search engine to identify user intent and lead them to the appropriate search results.

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