What is Indexing?

If you’ve spent anytime around SEO Specialists or Webmasters, chances are you’ve heard the term “indexing.”  At first glance it may seem like a complicated term or idea related to your website. After all, the definition of indexing doesn’t directly have anything to do with webpages, websites, or the internet in general. Don’t worry, indexing is actually a pretty simple concept.

When a webpage or website is indexed, it means that Google or other search engines have located your page or site, crawled the content and added it to their search engine. Now just because your page has been indexed, this doesn’t mean it’s going to be on page one for your desired search terms. It’s just the first step of many to get your webpage or site to rank well.

How Do You Get A Webpage to Index?

If you want traffic from search engines (who doesnt?) then you’ll have to make sure your webpages index. The easiest way to make get your webpages indexed, especially if you are a brand new website, is to submit a sitemap.xml to Google Search Console.

Simply put, a sitemap.xml is a list of all the URLs on your website that you want search engines to include in search results. You can use free tools online to generate the file, then add them to your website. If you don’t have a sitemap.xml file on your website, Google has to rely on referring URLs to your website to index new pages, which will take longer than simply submitting a sitemap.

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