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What is in the Future for SEO?

With many changes happening in the land of SEO, what can we expect for the future?
Currently, SEO is very closely linked to content marketing, and the future will roll in the following four pillars to supplement this idea:

1. Rankbrain – Google has even admitted that they don’t fully understand this ranking factor. While it is third on the list, it has grabbed much attention from the general public because it was one of the only few algorithms released to the media. Rankbrain focuses on machine learning. It takes search queries, and matches them to similar items in the results page. Rankbrain was announced to have a share in every single Google search, BUT there is nothing you can do about it. There are no ways to optimize your site for this.
2. AMP Pages– AMP is here to stay! These pages are cached pages that have virtually no load time. Originally, we saw AMP pages specifically in news and sports pages, but now, AMP pages are present on Ebay and Bing as well. Google is now pushing this platform, even if there is another option available. Even though many people aren’t familiar with AMP, they soon will be.
3. Knowledge Graphs – The knowledge graph is a collection of information in response to a search query. The knowledge graphs use Wikipedia, so to be sure you are putting your best foot forward, update your Wikipedia page, and don’t forget about your Google Plus page. In a world where marketers are looking to influence opinions a consumer has on your brand, the best way to combat this is to be sure to edit any information Google may see.
4. Real Time Filters – Penguin has rolled out its last update, because it will now run continuously to find and devalue spammy links. Cleaning up your site by checking your links is a great way to recover your ranking.

After seeing these updates, the future for SEO and marketing only looks positive! Google is working harder to prevent spam, and not to penalize an entire site when spam does hit them.

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