What is Google’s “Search Live Carousel?”

A few months ago, Google tested out a live search carousel to see if the search engine giant could obtain information any faster, and on real time.

It looks as if the tested version is updated and live, but Google has yet to completely confirm that this is the pilot they tested originally in May. What does this mean for everyone in the world of news and blogging?

First off, the search live carousel, is a tool you (as the writer of the content) can use to notify Google when new or breaking content is available. Google can now surface the content quickly, by crawling your site and pushing the news forward. With this live carousel tool, users can find content about live sports, elections, and breaking news as soon it’s available. The available content can include live blogs, full length articles, videos and more!

To get your content published, you have to apply through Google, and meet the requirements for the content to actually become live.

The requirements are:

The page must be published through Google’s AMP pages. AMP (accelerated mobile pages) is a cached page that is already preloaded so that when the user clicks on the article, it has virtually no load time.

Your AMP page must be published with a clear data markup. This markup will give Google a better understanding of the article, as well as provide a sample of your content in the search results.

Lastly, your AMP page must be submitted to Google via Atom XML as soon as the content is published on the web. This will get your content indexed faster.

These changes are beneficial to the user because they provide information at a very fast rate. This is very useful for sports, news and regarding the upcoming election!

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