What is Google’s Passage Ranking?

Google makes constant changes and updates to continuously improve search results for users.  Google rolled out the new passage ranking update on February 10th, which is said to affect about 7% of all search queries. This high percentage may cause a stir in the search community. Let’s break down everything you need to know about the new change. 

Google describes this update as a “breakthrough” in the ability to now rank specific passages instead of the webpage as a whole. This allows search engines to pull up more relevant passages that will answer queries more accurately without having to dig through an entire page. The update will help answer the more specific questions that users are searching for. 

What Will It Affect? 

The purpose of passage ranking is to give a more significant opportunity to those with little knowledge of optimizing content. The web pages that lack structure and cover a large number of topics within one page are the ones that may be helped by the change. This kind of content previously caused confusion and made it difficult for search engines to analyze the topics that the page covers. Pages that are heavy in text, with unclear sections and lack headings are the ones that may see a positive effect from this update. An example of this type of page is a travel blog that covers many different topics. 

How Will SEO Change? 

Google has emphasized that SEO content creators should not have to alter their strategy. For the most part, pages with a good SEO foundation will not be affected much by the update. As long as you are writing relevant information that proves useful to users, your rankings should not change. 

Overall, this update gives search engines the ability to pull more relevant information for a specific search. If your content includes valuable information, nothing needs to be changed. As SEO professionals, it is good to be aware of the update to ensure your writing is relevant and well defined. 

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