What is Google’s Panda Algorithm?

What is Google’s Panda Algorithm?

Google has created many algorithms over the years to help user search results be more relevant and valuable. These algorithms also help Google reward high-quality websites, and it also gives penalties to websites of low quality. Websites that are of good quality will be rewarded over time by ranking higher on Google’s search engine results page. Google Panda is an algorithm that was first released in 2011. This algorithm is based on the content present on websites. Google crawls websites to figure out whether the website should be rewarded or penalized based on the quality of the content. So, how do you know whether your website will be punished or rewarded? Here is a guide to how to write content correctly and content to avoid.

What Content Does Google Reward?

Google will reward websites that provide content that is helpful for users. Useful content means that it is of high quality, quantity, original and relevant. Google will also reward websites that provide additional resources within the content, such as internal links to other related pages within the website.

What Content Does Google Penalize?

  • Thin Content- Thin content refers to content that does not have a lot of substantial information about the topic at hand. Whether it be only a few sentences or bullet points, this will not be helpful for a user and ultimately will be flagged by Google.
  • Duplicate Content- Duplicate content refers to content that is either copied from different websites or from pages within your own website. Duplicate content often occurs with service area pages on a website. Many websites copy the same content for each town/city and only change the town’s name.
  • Low-Quality Content- Similarly to thin content, this is content that does not provide users helpful information. Some websites try to add substantial content to rank higher in search results. However, if this content is not relevant to the rest of the website’s it will be penalized.

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