What is Google’s New “Concierge” Service?

Google is currently testing a new feature that may ultimately reintroduce a human aspect in the way users interact with local search. The new feature involves ads that encourage users to call or text a company directly for local services. The ad leads to a landing page that is dedicated to a new service which is titled “concierge.” The page offers links to call or text Google directly to get in touch with a prescreened search result. Currently, the service is dedicated to local search results for plumbers.

What is the goal?

The goal of this new service is to reduce the time that users spend searching for the best service provider in their area. When contacting Google through one of the numbers provided, a representative will answer the call to put you in touch with the plumber that is best for the job. After the call, the user will be contacted by a pre-screened, insured, plumber within a few hours to set an appointment.

What does this mean?

It is interesting that Google’s latest feature means adding a human component to the search for local service providers. This new service will provide users with more reputable service providers. This is due to the added screening process, as well as the ease of calling a Google representative that will direct you to a service provider instead of choosing from a list of search results.

There is no telling how far Google intends to develop this new service or how long it will last, but it is intriguing that Google continues to develop new ways of how users are able to interact with search results.

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